It's World Chocolate Day!

… so what better excuse than to showcase my Photography for the Launch of Maltesers Truffles!

Back in early January I was asked to come up with several advertising and lifestyle shots for the launch of Maltesers Truffles.  I was more than happy to help, especially once I had seen the  beautifully designed product. It’s always great working with clients that are so excited and passionate about a  new product, it becomes infectious!

Once I understood their photographic requirements, we came up with simple yet effective creative launch photography plan. The end result was a happy client with enough images to market their product further, through advertising and social media.

As some of you may know, brand product photography isn’t as straightforward as people would imagine. Brands have certain  guidelines that designers and photographers, etc. have to follow.

Understanding the brand fully makes getting creative with the product easier as certain brands have a particular style, which is how they are easily recognised, and this must also be followed through from start to finish, especially through all of the imagery produced.

Many people don’t realise that advertising and packaging photography usually has to be carried out several months ahead of time, so that artwork can be approved and packaging printed before it gets to the supermarket

I was creating these shots during a very harsh winter, but I was one of the few lucky people to get to try them early!  That’s one of the perks of the job!

I’ve shot a lot of chocolate and confectionary over the years, whether it’s bars in their wrappers, or naked chocolate for packaging photography. Of course it is never easy shooting and lighting chocolate, because it does tend to melt! But I’ve learnt from some of the best food stylists around how to handle it for various shoots (I’ll go into detail on shooting naked chocolate on another blog later on this year, so if you are interested please sign up at to receive updates).

If you have something you are working on, I’m happy to chat over coffee, or you could send me a small sample, then I will happily share any photographic ideas I have for your product.

So if you are lucky enough to have managed to get hold of a box of Malteser’s Truffles do let me know. Apparently, according to a Facebook post, they are in stores now!

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