After a hard week’s photography, the last thing you’d think I would want to do is pick up a camera in my spare time, but sometimes I just can’t help it! Popping over to my parents after a day-long shoot for a wholesome dinner, with them showing me their latest ¬†home grown garden greens, not only had an amazing calming effect, it also inspired me photographically.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a bit of a health food hippy; so organic, homegrown veg is so me. Not that I actually grow any myself, but one day I hope to, and for now shooting it will have to do.

The passion I see in some of my clients when they have a new idea, then create a product from scratch, is exhilarating. The design of the product, the packaging, and so on, is similar to the excitement my parents experience when growing their veg, and it’s a wonderful and exciting process to be a part of. I love being the photographer that showcases the product and share part of that excitement with the client.

As you may be aware, I am passionate about shooting products and brands. There’s always something new around the corner, which means my work is constantly interesting and varied. Of late though I’ve thought about different styles of photography that I don’t get to shoot in my professional working life, so when I have spare time I like to see what else I can get creative with. So I have decided to try out natural photography. Not only natural produce – from my parents’ garden, of course – but using only natural light. This is more editorial style photography, and I’m loving it!

Garlic Lifestyle Recipe Photography by Claudia Riccio Photography Ltd

So I hope you like my editorial style images. I’m sure there’ll be more to follow when time allows. In the meantime check out my portfolio to see other styles. If you can’t see a style that you want, you can show me the kind of shot you’re after and let me do a test shoot for you. Alternatively if you’re not sure what you need to make your concept look amazing, let me get creative with your product. I love a challenge and would be happy to do some photography and lighting testing for you to ensure you get what you need for your products, brand or clients.

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Fresh grown oregano from my parents' garden, shot in natural light.
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