Its tough times for us all, and i’m lucky enough to have a few interesting jobs trickling through and  able to shoot safely during these strange times at the studio. 

So I thought I’d write this little blog after another project was unexpectedly postponed. As I was in my studio anyway I decided to start shooting some caramel that I had left over from previous shoots. Hope you like them….  If I was shooting for a design agency, or a packaging brief I would have had a food stylist that knows how to make it all look sumptuous, but I’ve been in the food photography business for a while now, and I’ve learnt quite a lot from the wonderful and talented food stylists I’ve worked with.

Swirls of Caramel 4

A job that was supposed to happen a week ago was again postponed from Friday to Monday, and we are still waiting for the product. It’s a packaging shoot for cakes, so it’s not only the poor client waiting to hear from the manufacturers, but myself, the design agency and of course my food stylist all just hoping it will happen soon.

I’ve had so many last minute postponements lately, it’s been driving me a little bit nuts, as I’m the kind pf photographer who charges only if the shoot goes ahead, especially during these times. I believe that my clients are doing their best to hit their deadlines, and right now of course I have to be even more flexible and understanding. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard initially juggling jobs, and then (Sod’s law!) everyone then wanting the same days!

Swirls of Caramel 1

The biggest problem during this difficult time is being able to source food and props without it taking an age! But I do have a huge room, with loads of props at the ready so that comes in so handy especially during these times.

For those of you that don’t know me, my studio is based on a beautiful farm – with plenty of parking – and is large and spacious, which allows for social distancing when working with clients. I can place my set up in the centre of the studio, and I’ve even gone so far as marking up the floor, getting in handsanitzing product and antibacterial spray, helping anyone who enters the studio feel as safe as possible. My amazing Phase One camera and Capture One software enables clients in the studio to see, the results on iPad as I shoot, without having to peer over my shoulder at my big screen.

Swirls of Caramel

Having said that, It’s been great working with clients, artworkers and designers who can’t get into the studio, using Zoom. They can still see exactly what I’m shooting and give immediate feedback. We can discuss lighting, angles, style, etc. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I prefer their company in the studio, and to be honest it did take me a more than a few tries to get used to all that can be done with Zoom, and even had one meeting with a small group where I didn’t realise they couldn’t see me until they mentioned it at the end. They probably thought I was still in my PJs and would rather not be seen! 

Swirls of Caramel 5
So I’m getting there, and it’s always good to learn new ways and some of these tools which I plan to use going forward. Also it’s been nice seeing people in their home surroundings, and meeting the kids and other family members that you hear about but never see. Strangely, it kind of feels more personal. I like it!  
There are quiet times too. For me it means taking a fresh look at my portfolio/website which I tend to avoid. I love doing what I do but I think I’m too highly critical of it, so choosing what to put in my portfolio and worrying whether it will put certain clients off and attract others is tricky. I know people say focus on your ideal client, but I love all aspects of studio based photography, from working directly with clients, coming up with ideas and running with them, to getting a detailed brief from an agency for a food packaging shot, shooting social media imagery which enables my creative juices to flow with guidelines. I love it all!
In these hard times we need to be kind to ourselves and others. Stay safe and keep smiling. Indulge yourself when you can, if it helps with your mood.
It’s not over, and I’m sure there will be hard times ahead but a little patience and kindness goes a long way. Onwards and upwards and learn to appreciate the down time. Those things we all miss will return and in the meantime we need to be kind to ourselves we all deserve a little treat… for me it’s chocolate and caramel! 
If you require Photography shot safely during this time get in touch!